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Don’t give up on what you Love.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Don’t give up on what you Love.

So what you love to do? Which are the things which make you feel happy? Are you doing every day?

NO! right? Start doing today.

What a human being love is money we do such thing which we don’t love to do but we still do it why because we can earn money from that, which gives us a different kind of pleasure by which we feel happy or in my words I’ll say we can feel HIGH! 

Just because money can bring happiness, that does not mean that you do things which don’t make you happy. We often do such things which we hate that, too very long time. Also, we give our precious time to others that are people we know and we who are unknown, but have you ever gave time to yourself? Start giving time to yourself because if you start giving time to yourself you will find things which you have never thought about before in your life. Analysis yourself you will find such things which in your life those were the things which you love to do but now you are running to earn money in your life, yes money is everything but firstly why you earn money because you want to be happy, then why to stop things which were making us happy in our past days do those things, you won’t able to earn but at least you would be happy.

Let’s take an example, you love to ride bicycles those days but you have stopped now because you have now been started to focus on doing other things. In our life, there is much distraction which stops us from doing things which we love to do, but what you should do is don’t ever give on what you love because the sources of being happy are what you love to do. 

We often think that this are not the days of doing such thing what we use to love in our past days because we as a human being we think a lot, now a days we overthink every damn things like what people will say, what will happen about my fame and whatnot. Our mind got stuck in this things which we shouldn’t do. There also time where you start to do what you love but suddenly you stop and the reason behind that is the surrounding isn’t motivating, you are your own king of your life you have to find some ways to motivate yourself because if you start to build yourself than life gonna be way beautiful than what you have thought.

Don’t give up on what you Love.

Sometime you will find it very difficult to think that, what makes you happy in your life because life is not that easy, you have to try everything because when you die you shouldn’t feel regret that you didn’t try those things in your life. Trying various things will help you to find what you really love. 

Some people love to read books those are the things which bring pleasure in their life, they find a new place where they forget every damn trouble in their life, we can also say that book is another world of the human being. So, what I’m saying is find such kind of things which you love, start building yourself. 

In some years you would stop loving things which you use to love in the past, that’s all fine you can find some other things. Don’t stop trying various things because experiencing things will never stop in our life. Life should be like an adventure where your heart won’t stop pumping fast, life should be exciting where you can enjoy every bit of life. By this you can see a difference in your own life this will bring the happy ‘you’. 

Being lazy is never gonna be away, staying tired is never gonna be away. Start discovering yourself start to love yourself. Life is beautiful. 

“The sources of happiness is your own self”

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