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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

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In our life, there are three phases of our life the 1st is our childhood 2nd is when we start to earn for our living and the last and 3rd is when we are enjoying our life being old thinking about our whole life. With this in our three phases, we dependent our self with many people but let us think through another way is dependency is good for our life?

So let’s begin with our blog.

In our life when we are born people around us are so happy like, there comes our new member and are so joyful. As we move on to the topic of dependency, we know that we never think from the other perspective like have you ever ask yourself that is it okay to be dependent on others? Here I’m not talking about our childhood days, I know that we are not that matured, here I’m talking about when we have a little bit of maturity in our head. Let me guess we never thought about it right?

Let’s start with the 1st phase of our life when we are a small kid playing around, guffing around having fun we never knew what is dependency we have never taught about it in our childhood, as we are a kid we are dependent on our parents like form waking up for our school to make us sleep early to again wake us up early for our school and in holiday scolding us when we are late for food because of playing also when we fall and get hurt and then pampering us by her love we are dependent on our parents we know that we won’t stay away for a long time because we are dependent on our parents. Knowingly or unknowingly our parents are also dependent on us their happiness lies within us and that dependency is okay it’s all fine to be dependent because of that dependency we are never hurt or could get harm to others those are the part of true love which will miss when you will be old.

Sebastian Eriksson is an 18-year-old up and coming surrealist artist living in Sweden. Not only is his artwork amazing, it's extremely thought-provoking as he adds descriptions of how his pieces relate to his life.

In the 2nd phase of our life, we are matured enough to make our decision properly because we are now earning while we are now grown we have met so man people in our life, some in college some in school those are the friends which are still your best mates and are standing beside you no matter what, and some wouldn’t be there in your life and those are the part where we are emotionally broke.

In those time we are dependent on the emotional part of our life, what I mean to say that we met many people, we are attached with them emotionally, and then the time comes where the person with who you are attached emotionally is gone from your life because of xyz reason and now you are alone but if you think practically you are never alone you are the one who made your happiness dependent on others. Now ask yourself that was is okay to be dependent on others on that age? No right!

In this part of our life, we need to be very careful we shouldn’t make our happiness dependent on others you will put your own mind in a terrible situation because that dependency is harmful to your mental and physical health too. I will say here that chose the people wisely in this part of your life because there will be many issues which will affect you and your mind and when you will be old thinking about these days you will then realized, what mad things you were doing in those part of your life.


This is the final part of our life the last phase of your life where you are retired from your job sitting on a moving chair on the top of your bungalow think about what is left to do in your life and could it be complete in this age? This is the age where you will find yourself to be a health-conscious person more than when you were a kid or while you were earning. In this age, you would be having your own kids and their kid probably you would be enjoying your life cuddling your grandkid hanging your childish behavior with your grandkid and having fun with them.

Now I wanna tell you all young reader’s that you would be seeing your grandparents daily or you would be seeing any old age in your day in day out but have you ever help them in some of the other ways? You might have I would say that never ever stop these small things of helping and if you haven’t then start from today you will bring change.

This age will never tell that they want help like just rewind this whole blog in the 1st phase you are dependent on your parents they helped you when you fall and now when you are grown up they need your help to walk and talk with you. The responsibilities are that you need to help the old age people because directly or indirectly they are dependent on you.

“All the phasese of your life has the beautifull story of dependency”

#BeYou #BeYourself #Dependency #LoveYourself


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