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Decade is changed?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Decade is changed?
“Don’t talk about decades, talk about yourself in those decades have you changed yourself?” -Harsh

We always talk about the decade it’s such a fun looking back and watch our self that how far we have come across the ups and downs. But what remains the same is the mistakes we have made in those decades we always see that we are the same person which we use to be in the last decade, is that good? ask yourself a question that will you survive the next decade? No, right! so, important is that learn and implement from your past.

In terms of learning, we always hate eating the same food again and again right? So, won’t you be bored doing the same mistake which you made in your last decade? Learning is the part of life you know that someday you are gonna fall very hard but what’s important is that from that fall have you learn something if, you didn’t then you won’t ever pick yourself up because you know that when the time will challenge at that time there won’t be anyone to help you to pick yourself up.

Talking about challenges in your life people are gonna challenge you by telling you that you are weaker than them you are never gonna succeed in your life. There will come a time when you will seriously feel the same which people were talking about you but when this decade will end the tears in your eyes and scars on your hearts will get heal and when you will look back you will feel extremely proud that you have crossed the bridge.

Let’s take this as an example I being poor in studies and taunted by people who are my own and tell me what should I do and what shouldn’t is the demotivated thing which a person can face but at the end of this decade, when you challenge them by showing them chasing what you always wanted to do is the biggest achievement you will ever get. P.S More than an exam percentage.

With this decade ends be grateful to all the things no matter how bad it was because those are the things which made you who you are at the end of this decade, you got up and you fall, you made memories with one of the best people in your life and then you lost someone but you found love, you learn good things from the decade and you unlearn bad things. But have you made anyone smile have made someone feel happy?

In this world, people are being bad and cruel with each other if you look at the end of the decade so many people are murdered and so many people are raped. It is your responsibility that to bring a smile on someone’s face not by the materialistic way but by helping them through jokes, listening, and spending time, this looks small but it could be big in someone’s life.

Let’s talk about changed you from 2010 to the end of the decade. You see that how far you have come from the cross whole decade, ask yourself how weak you were in all the things when the decade started and how brave you are at the end of the decade. Be practical I would suggest giving 15 minutes of your day to feel grateful close your eyes or be alone looking at a sunset and think about how far and how adventurous your decade was because this makes you feel better and help you bring yourself up.

So, in the end, the question remains is how have you changed yourself? Because decade is always gonna be changed but not unless and until you changed yourself in the good and better way.

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