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Control your mind or your mind will control you.

In life you are your own villain and your own hero because the way you think is what makes you hero and villan.

Controlling your mind is what matters in your life. Consuming good things and thinking about good things will make you a good person and live a healthy life mentally. The big mistake which people make is they let the external factor control their own mind.

In the external factors, they allow themself to connect with some of the physical things which make them feel good and happy if the particular thing just vanishes they feel sad and unhappy. Doesn't that make you feel that your mind has been since control by that particular physical thing?

External factors are some of the parts where you are unable to control your own mind. What you think is the biggest part where you can control your own mind because in your life while making decisions you might know what is right and what is wrong but still you will take the wrong decisions and the reason behind that is you won't have to make tons amount of efforts and it will give you the happiness which you want.

This is where we think for a short period of time and we make the wrong decision. Often we take someone's advice in the wrong way where we think that we should live in present and we make short term decisions. Remember that sometimes taking long time decisions are the security of lifetime.

Taking control of your thoughts is a skill to have a happy life. You can't stay away from negativity but you can be positive in life. You can control your mind by how long you can make negativity stay in your head. The more you make negativity stay longer the more you are gonna *cough* your mind.

Turning your negativity into positivity is something everyone has to do. Yes, it's hard sometimes to turn your negativity into positivity but you know what, negativity is an opportunity to prove yourself that how strong you really are. That the sign of you controlling your mind and not your mind controlling you.

Have you ever been in a panic mode? I guess you would have in your life at least for ones. That's the prime time when you are not in your control, you are controlled by the situation you are facing, in those times your mind just goes into sleep mode unless and until you take a deep breathe and wake your mind, because if you did wake up your own mind then there are more chances that you are gonna take wrong decisions. You need to take have a charge on your mind.

Remember that in your life you are your own hero and villain. The smallest of your own decision is taken by your mind, so you have to think properly and allow yourself that what you have to be in your own life hero or villain.


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