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Believe in your dreams.

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Believe in your dreams.
” Believe in your dreams because if you start believing you will be the change of your generation” Harsh

We being Indian we always wanted to be something in our life, we always wanted something big to happen, we always wanted to be like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more we always wanted to dream like those, don’t we?

But being here our surrounding is always would be like growing up you have to be doctor, engineer, architecture, and whatnot, as we are born those missiles are dropped on our brain and our upbringing, is always will be like ‘A’ means ‘A’ but why ‘A’ means ‘A’ we won’t ever know. The thing is we always been mugging up things from when we are born our dreams are been crush when we are born. There always been a limitation for doing such things we never allowed to choose what we love to do. No one here has taught us how to dream how to excel our self, how to develop ourselves.

If Steve Jobs or any big people wouldn’t think of something crazy then what would have happened? Believe in your dreams you are the one who is the creation of your dreams. There will be many people who will help you to guide you through your dreams there will be mentor’s, your parents, family and many more people who will be part of your journey through your dreams but what you have to do is, you have to implement those all things which will help you to reach your dreams. No matter how many times you fall and fail you just have to do one thing that believes in your dreams and never stops learning because what will make you strong is learning from your mistakes.

We often stop dreaming because no one believes us and that’s where the dependency part comes we always are dependent on people that someone will believe us and we will get motivation from that, I would say STOP right there! don’t you trust yourself? Then it comes where the myth is every childhood dreams are just garbage I mean why so? their parents will never encourage those dreams, and that’s where we stop believing our dreams. No, here I’m not only blaming our parents completely that they are the ones who kill our dreams there will be parents will encourage their children to follow there dreams but still, there are also tons of mistakes we do. Let us take an example when we start to dream and we when we believe that yes, now from doing so so so the thing I can achieve that and for a longer time we don’t get the results what we were expecting and than what? We stop the process of achieving what we have dreamed of, we find many distractions.


We often follow what our surrounding says like we hear something from our relatives tell our parents that make him do this and that he will be on the peak of his career and then our parents start to make our plan although they might not have the knowledge, we then start to focus on that and stop doing what we love. Also, we are the ‘so-called dreamers’ our life depends on our friends too we often choose dreams over friends am I right? Ask yourself that what makes you feel happy which are those things which will make me happy start choosing yes! after completing your dream you will have many other dreams which you will discover, dreams change with time and also same as our life

Believe in your dreams because life is very short and there will many occasions where you will get distracted by many things. You are the creation of yourself you are the change that can change your own life. The feeling when you get after completing your dreams in which you have put all your efforts, it will give you different kind of pleasure which you will feel within yourself

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