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Be a secret santa in someone’s LIFE.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Be a secret santa in someone’s LIFE.

It’s so hard that we never think about others when we start to share or give something to others, it’s very hard right so hard to do right? Bull*hit. It was never that hard, giving something tangible is not important, it’s never that important because hearing good things and saying Thank You! is the kindest thing you can do to in someone’s life. 

It’s the month of December and the time is of Christmas, birth of Christ. A person who paid full price of sin.

Christmas is all about happiness and giving and share the love with everyone around you and surrounded by you. But in today’s time we never make time to share or spread love and happiness with everyone, we as a human are the one who only believe in taking care of our own happiness, we never think about others. You don’t know how big is the happiness and love is, we never realised until and unless we replace the one who are sad. Start thinking about others because no matter what but your Thank You and Smile! has that power to bring smile on the someone’s face.

Be someone’s secret santa because the pleasure of receiving the smile of happiness is way better than the billions of money you received in a day. Go out and buy something for your loved ones the happiness you will receive is the biggest thing of the year. Hold on a second have you ever seen a person who is a cancer patient but having the brightest smile on his/her face? Have you ever saw a cancer patient spreading happiness by giving gifts and sharing love by hugging tightly? They are the ones who are the sources of happiness to this whole beautiful world.

Don’t let everyone know that what good things you have done because the happiness are gonna get to you by doing something for others not by saying things what you have done, be a secret santa for the pleasure of smile you receive. We often give gift when someone’s birthday comes right? That’s what everyone do! But have you ever gave something to someone with no reason? No! right? Do it those are the beautiful things you should do for everyone ones a year.

Be a secret santa in someone’s LIFE.

Start helping people who are struggling from life because a small kindness can bring a big change in someone’s life. Have you ever helped a blind person walking? If YES! than you have done a biggest thing a person do in this planet. If NO! than grow up! you need to do lot of things in life start making baby steps of being an secret santa because in this world there are some people whose life is miserable.

Just like this guy in this photo 👉 he the one who brought the change in someone’s life. If you think that those are the XYZ things which can make him happy than and go get those things and make a step but be clear that is that right to give those things (Should see is that good for a person or not) because not every bad wish should be complete, santa only give gifts to good person who do good things.

Start to bring change or spread happiness in someone’s life because you don’t know what is the

value of those things which you are doing or giving to someone, it might be a small things for you but in someone’s life it might be a biggest things which you helped to bring happiness and love.

“Be a secret santa to spread happiness and love”

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