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Be a LIGHT for someone’s LIFE.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Be a LIGHT for someone’s LIFE.

We often think about our-self these days. It’s been a festive session out here years are going by and as always people are cleaning their house instead of their mind, people are lighting their own house instead, lighting others' life. We live in INDIA, we see poverty in our own country every day in day out, we have stopped thinking about each other although, we have never started thinking about others. A festival called DIWALI a fest of light we say, right? In this world there are millions and billions of people who suffer darkness mentally, there are some who find happiness in what they have they are the ones who can inspire us for life. 

This world works with the fame of the money, if a person has money and can afford the things than he can be recognized in front of the thousand people. The world never respects the talent of the person because he/she doesn’t have the money to showcase their talent. Then there are some parents who never respect the talent which his/her child has because what’s important for parents is Studies, Yes! I’m not saying that studies are not important but, with studies at least support his/her talent because you don’t know what your child can do, what changes your child can bring or you don’t know how can he inspire a person like him.

 There are some people who can’t even afford the things which we can afford if you ask me how to respect the thing what you have then, think that there are some people who can’t even afford cloth, one-time food, don’t even have a roof for to sleep then you will know what you have is the best in the world. In our life, there should be one who can bring light in our life because this life doesn’t work individually, the same as a company can’t work by a single person. We live in a country where we scared to talk with someone because, who knows he might harm. But what most important is that be the light in someone’s life because as I always say that world is cruel if, you can do something different from others than there are people who are there to steal your ideas and then who know the world might be different.

Diwali is where we spend our time with our loved ones where we never think about bad things, togetherness is what makes us forget the bad part of our life. We cherish the good things, we blessed our surroundings with happiness, love, care, and emotions. In our childhood, we watched many cartoons which we still love. In every cartoon, there always been a monster which we always imagine to beat in our fantasy island, but in our real world, there is those monster which called human, unfortunately, who create darkness in person’s life. As there were heroes, friend and family who supported him in cartoons, we also have in our real life, by which we can beat the sh*t out of that monster who create darkness in anyone’s life. 

This is the only time where you can spread happiness, love, care, and emotions and change the world by yourself because if you can change than the world is ready to change. Be the light in someone’s life because there are many people who are suffering in their life, it’s the time to bring the light, bring happiness in their life.

So, let’s start the chain from this DIWALI, bring happiness in everyone’s life, 


“It is important to be a LIGHT for someone’s LIFE”

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