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Artificial Intelligence.

Updated: May 17, 2020

Artificial Intelligence.
“The day’s are not far when Robots will start to expecting various kind of things from a human being.” Harsh

Let us start by knowing about what is Artificial Intelligence. We being human are the people who use AI daily, but are unaware of what is going on around us truly, by whom we should feel ‘Scared’. We use the phone to just listen to music, to just call, to watch videos, and obviously to play GAMES just to go in past think about how were the days when AI was not existing in the world.

We a human being are the one who were the best kinda people I would say because we use to do everything by our-self we use to be so active back in those days like playing practical games where our body never use to get tired like which happens these days, people walking by, were our own Google maps and so many things like this which we call now a vintage piece of thing which slowly vanishing from the world.

  • So let us start with what an actual Artificial Intelligence is!

As I have said before that we use the phone but we don’t know much about how to use it effortlessly, nowadays till the age of 18 people know what is Google Aunty and Siri Aunty but if you ask that 18-year person about what this two Aunty does will automatically and passionately say that this Aunty is one to whom no matter what price is we will give them all our hard earn money and make them work for our-self so, basically what I’m trying to say is that open your smartphone and ask ‘Hey Google!’ and tell her/him (P.S It has a male voice too, generation is changing) that call my ‘Father’ then Google assistance will automatically call your own ‘Father’ just like that open your phone Google Camera and focus on a product the camera will automatically show you where and how you can purchase this product. This all is the sugar in tea-like things where all things which we use daily are the not even 1% of AI. Artificial Intelligence is booming faster than ever now so, now you should be scared of AI.

  • Let’s dive deep little into AI and Machine Learning.

We people often get confused about AI and Machine Learning basically what Machine Learning is, it is the part of AI where whatever example I have given and fun we have done Google Aunty and Siri Aunty are all of the Machine Learning where you program your device to understand that this particular species is Cat so, you show various different photos through Machine Learning and then after analyzing whenever you will open your camera and show a Cat photo the phone will show you the various kind of thing related to Cat. This is the simplest and basic example to understand what is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is.

Now let us come back to in a real-life year, we the age of 18 year and above year people, we are the future a term called ‘laziness’. Our parents are the last generation who are gonna see us being effing lazy. We are those people who’re parents are gonna scream on us to play games but actual games which we practically take efforts to go down with bat and ball. What happens nowadays is that we see technologies are growing too fast and things are reducing human efforts as we use to at least stand up and walk towards to On the fan but nowadays things are change fan is in your phone, food is online, you can play games on the proper ground but now people PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on phone.

Artificial Intelligence is heating up in the market, every phone is coming up with some of the other features which have AI technologies. In this AI is the part where AI understands by itself it generate things and analysis things by itself, scientist and engineers are having fear of what if, AI got smarter than its owner and started to expect things from a human being?

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