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Are we heading towards a lazier future?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

"Start to be active from now so that you won't get lazy for the future" -Harsh

Yes, we can predict that the future could make us lazier then what we are today because there are a lot of things which are gonna forces you to be lazy.

In the end, what matters is the human mind and his preparation for how he/she will tackle the lazy future.

There are some points which I feel will be the cause of the lazy future, I hope you will love reading.

1. Work From Home

We have been forced to work from home and the reason behind that is non-other then coronavirus. There is no difference between working from home and working at the working place because at the end of the day we are lazy.

The reason behind feeling tired while working from home is the comfortableness in our working space and that is our home. While we work from home we have our freedom to do work in our way and on our own time, although no one will get to know that we are sleeping while our computer/laptop is on.

The only best thing you can do while working from home is making social distancing from the couch and kitchen because those are the part of your distraction and making you lazy day by day. The enthusiasm which we use to have while working from our working place will never change because what's more important is the environment around us while working.

Managing time is what we are going to face a lot while our personal life and working life are going to clash. There are people whos working time is at 9:30 am and they wake up at 9 am. Taking breaks are gonna be long and unacceptable for our company. The people who overwork are going to face mental health problems because there will be no social interactions because to a certain extent your co-workers are your social circle.

2. Zero Activity

Our future is gonna be very tech-savvy and because of that we are gonna get way lazy than what we are today because technology wants to reduce the workload which people are caring today.

There will be times when we will be able to count the time we could jump out of our couch. We are living in a time where we don't have to take efforts to turn on the fan, light, or curtains because everything is on our phone. The only difference between pigg and human would be a pigg who loves to sleep in the mud and human who love to sleep on the couch.

The only solution for your laziness is that you do some of the activity and exercise by staying home or ride cycle daily because that's what will also help you to stay healthy mentally and also will help in making social distance.

3. Procrastination

Oh! Procrastination is the biggest murderer of humankind, it makes people unenthusiastic over the activities which he/she wants to do.

We have always 'let go' things where we shouldn't have done, let's take an example we always study before 10 days of our exam right? Oops! the night before the exam? and that's the part of our procrastination process.

Procrastination makes people lazy in reprocessing things like if we start to do our work when the deadline is near then we won't get the time to think and focus on small things which matter.

We will be stuck to our limited thoughts, so if we fight our procrastination then we will get the time to think, innovate and discover things which we haven't discovered yet.

4. Smart Technology

Yes! I agree that technology has made life easy but with that technology is the reason people are getting lazy day by day because the last and the first thing we touch is our phone. As I have said above that from turning on fans to turning on the lights, technology has made humankind lazy

A massive amount of entertainment we watch just by sitting on a couch, the days are gone when we use to get excited to watch movies on theaters.

Gone are the days when we use to check in with our loved ones because not in this quarantine we are video calling our loved ones but when life was normal we always been lazy to check in with our loved ones.

Smart Technology has made people forget how to feel the nature around us, I would suggest that rather taking photos of sunset you should feel the nature and try understanding your inner self.

5. Mindsets and attitude

The most important thing in the life of a lazy person is his mindset and attitude to come out of his comfort zone. The only game happens in your mind and the thoughts you generate because if you start to think that you will be active in your life then the day is not far you will be a lazy free bird.

As I have said above that your thoughts are where all the game happens but here is the thing that only your thinking doesn't matter, what matters is that all the implementation of your thoughts because if you waste your time in thinking then you will be just procrastinating whole your life.

Start your day with positive thoughts, tell yourself that you can concur everything and then you will see the change within yourself because if you have a good positive approach and mindset to reach somewhere in your life so in the end, what will remain is taking steps towards what you want to concur.

6. Lack of motivation

If you are gonna be lazy there is surely gonna be a lack of motivation because by just sitting on a couch you are never gonna motivate yourself. You have to go out do something which makes you motivated because somewhere you will see that in motivation there're 2 things your motive and your actions towards that motive.

Experiment with something, you will start to explore more doors through which it will help you find your passion and interest. Talking with someone and analyzing someone's personality or looking up to someone will motivate you to do something for yourself because social interaction is where you are going to find more ideas.

Watch more video which motivates you and inspire you to do something out of your comfort zone, as I have said above that only watching is not gonna be your solution you have to implement everything you understand and get motivated

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