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  • Harsh Patel

Accept that Happiness is a Choice.

You become what you choose, so choose wisely.

Life gives us too many choices to make. The right choice you make will lead to your happiness. While on the quest to find the path to be happy, keep in mind not to avoid sadness, because sadness allows you to embrace your different side, which directly leads you to increase the value of happiness.

Don't forget that a person who earns a lot of money can also be sad, and a person who doesn't even have a roof over his head can also be happy. Whatever you choose, whether to feel sad or happy, is up to you. Your journey is going to be epic. Along the way, you will meet people, use things, learn things, experience emotions, and have feelings.

  • Friendship

Throughout your life, you will meet so many people, some will stay with you for years and some will only stay for a couple of years but regardless, you are the one who makes the best memories with them, so decide whether you wanted to remember their best or worst moments with you.

Nothing lasts forever, nothing. There is gonna be that one day, where you or your friend will leave and you will feel sad but remember that it's okay, as I have said it's the path to be happier than yesterday.

  • Materialistic happiness

Giving something tangible to yourself as a means of being happy is known as materialistic happiness. Believe me when I say, if you don't control yourself, you won't be in control of your life, but instead, you'll be in control of materialistic things.

Everything you do within the limit is always good for you. If you cross your limits then your mental health and physical health will be on a toll. Materialistic happiness and being a controller of your life is a choice and you have to make it give yourself peace.

It's hard to distinguish materialist happiness from genuine happiness. Your life is full of both good and bad things. You know what will let you grow and what will not, so you need to pick what is worthwhile to you.

  • Happiness is not Money

One of the most important life lessons is that you can't buy happiness. I have told you above that those who are the richest today are sad, and those who are the poorest today are happy. The happiness you obtain through money is temporal. When you lose your money, you'll be like that little bub crying out for happiness in the corner, but you won't realize that happiness lies within you.

I'll give you an example: if you got the job with the highest pay but the work you would be doing is not something you enjoy, would you be happy? (Please let me know in the comments down below.) & Finally, imagine if you got a job with a decent amount of pay, but you were doing something which you love. Wouldn't you be happy?

You can find happiness in anything you are around. Therefore, money can only be a temporary source; you need to understand that finding happiness in small things can lead to the greatest happiness of your life.

  • Happiness is a process

Happiness is a process you have to go through in order to experience it. You can't feel the same level of happiness as someone 50 years old does. It's a process of surviving, struggling, and living. In between these things, you will be experiencing many emotions and evolving as a person.

Every person has to experience all kinds of emotions to realize that feeling happy is something different and beautiful. There is no reason why you should stop yourself from learning new things that will make your life happy.

Whether you sing at an early age, which leads you to your happiness or starts a business at an old age, you can find your path of happiness at any age. It's you who will find your happiness by learning and not by earning because happiness is within you.

  • Happiness is within you

Our happiness begins within us. There will be many external factors that contribute to your happiness, but true happiness begins within you. You have to find what makes you feel happy. Having good mental health can lead you to happiness, in fact, you can be a source of happiness for others if you are mentally healthy.

Being happy is being able to choose what to choose and not to choose, because you won't have to put tons of effort to be happy. Finding your own happiness depends on your desires and intentions.

Remember that life is such that nothing lasts forever. Even happiness doesn't last but at least it doesn't stop.


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