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5 Obvious things you will miss after Corona Virus ends.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Life Is Heaven You Have.
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"Definitely, human nature is like you won't respect those things which you have but, you will always feel greedy of what you don't have." -Harsh

Coronavirus has put this world under the dark cloud, the world economy is hanging on the edge of the needle, we are gonna go way past behind years. People are suffering and countries are just playing blame games instead of coming out with solutions to resolve this pandemic. The only thing by which people can do is stay positive at home, stay healthy and of course value this time of being home.

The point here I wanted to talk is, there are people who are used to staying home and are doing some activities like painting, sketching, exercising and many more things which they always wanted to do but didn't get time to focus properly or those people who wanted to make a good bond with their parents, are the ones who are gonna miss this time of staying home after this lockdown gets over so, there are some points which I think that people will obviously miss after this lockdown ends.

These are 5 things which you are gonna miss after coronavirus gets end.

The time you are spending with our family

The first and foremost thing you are gonna miss is the time you are spending with your family. The reason behind this is that we people don't get time to spend with our family or we don't even like to spend our time with our family because we think they aren't fun enough or they don't match it up with our generation right? But this pandemic has made us feel the importance of our family because I'm damn sure that the laugh you are having with your family, the fun you are having, those games you might be playing and so many things which you would be doing are gonna be miss by you in the future. In this time of quarantine, we have might open those all old photo albums with our family and cherished all those memories with our family, these are the times you are gonna miss after this lockdown, relate all your own activities and time you are spending with your family because you are not gonna get this time soon.

Remember one more thing give some time to your family even this lockdown gets over because they need you and you need them. This bond which you have created in this time of quarantine is precious, don't this time go in waste.

The efforts towards your health

The second thing you are gonna miss is that the workout you do at your own home to stay healthy, you are gonna miss this time, because I'm sure that you would be spending much time on your health rather than doing something else if, you are a fitness freak. When this lockdown will get to the end of the time then you won't get this much time to spend towards your health because when you will be working you would be having a small amount of time to be fit. Talking about fitness yes, there would be some people who would be doing yoga and many other fitness things with their family, don't you gonna miss all those activities? yes, you will definitely.

Again I would say that whenever you get some amount of time to spend, spend with your family, they are the ones who might guide you in what they have learned or teach you something new which can help you to maintain your fitness.

The delicious food you have eaten and made every eat.

Oh yes, obviously we are gonna miss eating delicious 'mom' made food or you might be making some delicious food for your family, because as I have said above that this time will never come again. What saves us in this quarantine is eating delicious food and making food for family because in this quarantine this is the source of our happiness and the way of being busy is eating and making food. After everything will get normal we won't get this much of time to make food yes we would be busy in some other, we would be running toward something else in our life.

Quarantine, might made everyone a cook because there are families who would be helping in making food. Or there would be people who would try their hand in making something delicious for their family because they might build their interest in making food.

Time spending on things which you love to do.

This point is very clear that we are 101% gonna miss those things which we are loving to do in this quarantine like sketching, writing, painting, learning guitar, reading books, playing a computer game or mobile games, watching movies and shows and many more things. Because personally the time I spend on playing games now is never gonna come back again and that to you aren't getting scold by your parents for playing games most of the time is what all the gamer are gonna related this with their personal life.

As I have said above that if you try your hand on something which you are not comfortable, this could be a thing which you will start to love doing again and again when you get time in your future, just like a person who is not familiar to reading books and if he/she starts to read books in this quarantine then this could be a thing which he/she might start loving and might give some more time in the future to read more books.

Working from home, the way you want.

In this, there are gonna be two types of people who would love working from home and who would hate working from home. Let's talking about those people who would be loving working from home, those are the people who might start their day whenever they want, eat whenever they want to, do their work in their own manner, you can take as many breaks you want to, you can stroll around when you don't have much work, these are some sort of things which they would love working from home. There would be people who would turn on their laptop and sleep again after waking up at their working time. These are some things which obviously you can't do from your working location or else you will get fire from your organization.

And there would be people who would hate doing work from home because there are so many other things which you can't do from home just like sales. Some people would be hating this because the work they use to do is changed, and have to do in some other pattern or they might have to do overtime.

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