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Hi! I'm Harsh Patel author and everything of this website 

I write about the things which are related to life, motivation, spirituality, conscience, and many more things, i'll make you connect by various stories. Here you will find those things which are hard to understand like we face so many problems in our lives and the solutions for those problems are known by ourself but we often tend to avoid or we are not knowing at that particular time so, I'm here gonna connect you with all the things which you are disconnected with.

This is the logo of the website Life Is Heaven You Have. Everyone asks me what is the meaning of the logo on your website? So, I had this vision in my mind that nature is gonna be precious for my website as I always post nature photos on this website. This mountain, trees, sea, sun, and moon are the ones who always teaches me stories of life just like in life, not every day is gonna be a flat surface or else you will be bored in your life, it's like you life is just like a mountain and with that, there are gonna be (Trees) obstacles too in your life so you have to fight with it and improve yourself. There are gonna be ups and downs, life always gonna be bright like mornings and dark like nights. You have to survive every day. 


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